My name is Silla Gardenghi,
I started my activity as an illustrator once completed my studies in anatomy design at Bologna University.
Most of my professional life has been spent cooperating with:

PUBLISHERS : De DeAgostini/Guanda/Rizzoli/Utet/ Vallerdi/Zanichelli.
UNIVERSITY : Bologna/Harvard/Princeton.

MAGAZINES: L'Illustrazione Italiana/Rassegna/ Medicine et Hygiene/Actua. ANIMATED CARTOONS CONGRESSES: Lepetit Group.

My school is mentioned also to the inside of the UNESCO web site (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in the section dedicated to the artistic formation at the url .

When I left my activity as an illustrator I felt I wanted to devote my time to teaching decorative arts.
After many years of activity in this field I'm convinced that the skill in the arts can only be passed on by a direct relationship between teacher and student. This simple fact is fundamental in my school-workshop hence limiting the number of students to no more than three or four pupils for each course.