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   Ceramics' Restore Introduction
Now a days we can consider restore as a "modern alchemy". It can be seen as a metaphysical world where science and intellect meet and together aim to reach beauty.That is why the first aim of the course is to convey an excellent manual ability and passion for the history of art. In addition, entering the restore's world will also mean to learn methodologies, tools, criteria and techniques. The course will give you a large spectrum of those who are the different theoretical branches which interact one with the other and also the tools through which analyse in detail, together or by your own, those themes that might interest you more. In a world mainly made by images you will discover the pleasure of "touching" matter and knowing it and recognizing it. Moreover, from a puzzled and disordered coloured expanse of fragments you will reassemble a vase or a plate. You will discover that for making a well-done restore you only need good hands and other few things.But, at the end, you will learn that restore is not an "exact science", that is to say that each object (even if it resembles to another), because of its origins and history, is an unique and unrepeatable object that will make you find, every now and again, new and interesting riddles.

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