School of Aerography - Airbrushing Courses - Gilding Course - Antique Marmorino - Decorative Painting
Silla Gardenghi has been teaching the art of airbrushing for over twenty years. With the aid of airbrushing is possible to retouch, re-elaborate pictures, paint helmets, T-shirts, motorbikes, cars, vans, surfboards, shop fronts, etc,... At Silla's courses you'll also find the Gilding Course (applying real gold and silver leaf with the water or oil size method), Decorative Painting Course to imitate wood, marble, friezes and ornaments, and the very new courses of Japanning, Antique Marmorino, Scagliola Carpigiana, Polychromy on Wood Sculptures, Ceramics' Restore, Restoration of Gilded Antiques, Antique Furniture Restoration , Miniature Art Airbrush, and the Professional Pictorial Decoupage.

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